Why Do Women Need Protein

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2015)

The Importance Of Protein

Protein intake is a crucial part of everyday life, especially when trying to lose weight and improve fitness, many women have stopped looking at carbohydrate intake when losing weight, or even eating low fat diets… Protein is well and truly in the spotlight

Popular sources of protein include Chicken, Steak, Eggs and Whey, but did youthefitpost028 know that there are different lines of protein and also actually how much your body needs each day ??

What Is Protein

Protein plays an important part in around 75% of our total body makeup, this includes our Muscles, Bones, Hair, and Skin

Protein itself is made up from Amino acids, some join together to form short chains, and others link together to form long intricate chains – both types are crucial to our body, helping to maintain our health, strength and fitness.

There are around 10,000 different proteins that help make us what we are, the main issue is that unlike fats and carbohydrates, our body does not natural retain amino acids, and this is why its crucial to take on these valuable acids on a daily basis

diningoutHow Much Protein Do I Need Per Day

The Recommended Amount is 1gm of protein per pound of body weight, as an example, if you are a woman weighting 8 stone, that equals 112 lb’s which in turn means that you need to consume at least 112 gm of protein per day.

The same formula applies to men as well.

There Are Two Main Kinds Of Protein

Complete Proteins – Protein that contains all the amino acids required to produce new proteins

Main Source – Animal proteins ( meats etcs)

Incomplete Proteins – Protein Sources that lack one or more amino acids that the body cannot make from scratch or create from other amino acids

Main Source – Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Pulses

It is crucial to eat a good balance of both types each and every day, for those that are vegan or intolerant to certain foodstuffs, its crucial to supplement to maintain the correct levels of complete proteins.



Eat A Good Mix Of Protein – This will provide you with all the essential amino acids

Choose Lean Cuts Of Meat – these are the healthier options, when choosing dairy products, choose low fat or skimmed versions. A handful of nuts or pulses will provide good levels of protein without any saturated fats, with plenty of fibre and other micro nutrients.

Avoid Processed Carbohydrates – reducing your intake of processed carbs and increasing the intake of protein increases your level of good cholesterol ( HDL) which can reduce your chances of having a stroke or heart attack. They can also help reduce hunger pangs.

If you don’t like or eat red meats, give soy based products a go – try to eat 3-4 servings a week, in the older woman, this could also help reduce hot flashes and other menopausal issues.

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