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(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

Bio – Tara Silzer Professional Bodybuilder

Discover The Secret To Her Success

Tara Silzer is a Canadian born female bodybuilding champion..and doesn’t she look amazing… but she wasn’t always fit and healthy…

Growing up in Alberta, her parents divorced when she was 6… To help her cope 139303971with the sadness in her life, she turned to food to compensate and by the time she was in grade 4 she weighed in at 148 lbs.

She kept reasonably fit though, and despite her size, thorough her junior high school days actively took part in numerous sports at school and club level..

Once she went to high school, things took turn for the worse, she stopped playing sports, and started eating and drinking to excess.. by the year 2001 she had grown to an incredible 200lbs –

The Turning Point

The turning point for her was when her father was remarried.. seeing herself in the wedding photographs really hit it home just how large and unfit she had become.. so in Januray 2002, she made a decision that affected her life – she joined a gym..

Starting off slowly, she changed her diet and exercised daily 5 times a week – 30 minutes of light cardio at first plus 30 minutes weight training…. not really knowing how or what exercises to do, she simply copied what others were doing in the gym

Within 2 months she had dropped 25lbs and with that, had developed improved self confidence and self pride.

Rekindling a friendship with an old high school friend really helped turn things around for her, he became her training partner and really pushed her to reach her goal…. by the end of 2002, she had lost 70lbs, she weighed 132 lbs and wore a size 2.. she was fitter and healthier that she ever had been before.


With renewed ambition, she went back to school to become a fully qualifiedUnknown professional personal trainer.. having been “on the other side” as she puts it, she knew that she could motivate others to achieve their goals

Since then she has gone on to be ranked no 2 in Canadian women’s bodybuilding.. she is now a fully fledged IFBB bodybuilder and it remains her ambition to appear on the Olympia stage alongside the greats of the sport.

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