POWHER Pre-Workout For Women

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019)

Introducing POWHER: The UK’s #1 Pre-Workout For Women

powher pre-workout for women uk

If you are a woman and a keen gym goer then we have some good news for you – especially if you have been looking for a good female friendly pre-workout supplement to help boost your energy levels, workouts and ultimately your results.

With most products being either developed for men with high levels of stimulants or watered down versions of male products being disguised as female products, its refreshing to find a UK based company who has designed from the ground upwards, a fit for purpose, female specific pre-workout power designed with the feminine body in mind.

Called POWHER it has been specifically designed and formulated by women for women to provide them with all the essential nutrients they need to improve and extend their workouts without the need for overly high levels of stimulants.

But What Makes POWHER Different? In this review we set out just why its rather unique, information about its formula, users feedback and where you can buy.

POWHER Pre-Workout For Women

taking POWHER Pre-workout shake

Developed and sold by UK based Ultimate Life Ltd, they are the people behind the award winning female fat burner Leanbean.

POWHER is designed to help provide women who workout or in fact take part in any sports or physical activity. Wether you lift weights or not, its benefits are as follows:

  • Boosts Hydration And Aerobic Capacity
  • Provides Slow Release Energy Without The All Too Common ‘Stimulant Crash’
  • Helps Boost Fat Loss
  • Boost Focus And Concentration 

It is free from Creatine which means that you will not develop those unsightly bulky muscles that look so manly, instead you will be left with toned, shapely muscles that assentive your female form, it is vegan friendly,  GMO free, and contains no animal products, or any unwanted fillers or additives.

You Can Read More About POWHER and Place Your Secure Order From The Official Website

The POWHER Formula In Detail.

REDNITE – a highly concentrated for of beetroot extract. It works by dilating and relaxing the blood vessels, allowing for an increased supply of blood along with the essential oxygen and nutrients that it carries to the muscle cells, boosting energy levels and aiding recovery.

ENXTRA – A blend of Alpinia Galanga, lemongrass and liquorice extract. 

Recognised for its collective ability to deliver a slow release of clean energy over several hours without causing that unpleasant and all too common ‘crash’ linked to so many pre-workout supplements.

NXTRA in Powher

OXYJUN – A bark extract called Terminilia Arjuna. Rcognised by scientific researchers for its ability to boost the cardiovascular system, improving athletic performance  by increasing oxygen delivery to the muscle cells. 

This helps to increase athletic ability during length periods of high intensity exercise.

Tyrosine -a proven nootropic compound that triggers the cease of the feel good hormones dopamine and norpinephrine. These help to reduce the effects of stress both mental and physical.

Coconut Water Powder – Extremely high in electrolytes, these help and ensure that the body remains hydrated at all times – better hydration means less muscle cramps and faster recovery.

Natural Caffeine – Sourced from green coffee beans, caffeine is the daddy of all stimulants, it raises metabolism, providing a source of useable energy, and triggering fat loss. The dose contained in POWHER is just the right amount to generate an energy boost without being too much so that it causes side effects like the shakes, jitters, headaches and sleeping problems. 

Citrulline Malate – Another effective vasodilator, boosting blood flow and the delivery of essential nutrients ensuring more muscle power, and faster recovery after exercise, great at toning muscles.

citruline malate

Lysine – A natural stress reducing amino acid, it also helps to boost calcium absorption, something absolutely crucial for women to promote good bone strength and health.

Beta Alanine – helps prevent muscle fatigue, delivers similar effects to creatine supplementation but without the unsightly muscle bulking effects.

Taurine – An essential amino acid that increase and regulates muscle hydration.

powher ingredients

How Do You Take POWHER Pre-workout

The suggested dose is one 10g scoop mixed in 8oz off water approx 30 minutes before starting to workout.  

This dose can be halved if you want to reduce the effects or if you are of small build and are worried about being over stimulated.

POWHER – Pro’s and Con’s

We always try to look at both the good and bad points of any product – here are our thoughts:


  • Delivers A Slow And Steady Energy Boost – no sudden energy rushes
  • Clean Ingredient Profile – no fillers, animal products or additives
  • Fully Disclosed Label – each ingredient is fully detailed, no confusing proprietary blends
  • Developed For Women – Female friendly ingredients containing no bulking agents or excess stimulants
  • Quality Ingredients– The makers have used the best available forms and provided each ingredient in optimum doses
  • Synergistic Approach – Everything In POWHER works well alongside each other.


  • Only Available To Buy Online – You cannot buy POWHER in any stores.
  • Premium Price – This specially developed female friendly product is around 15% more expensive that other pre-workouts.

Where To Buy POWHER Pre-workout For Women In The UK

POWHER Official Website UK

you can only by genuine POWHER direct from the official manufacturers website – powherofficial.com

Here you can buy a tub containing a months supply for £29.95 plus shipping.

  • If you buy 2 tubs you pay £59.99 but get free shipping to the UK and the US
  • If you buy 3 tubs, you get a 4th tub FREE and get FREE worldwide shipping for £94.99

Our Final Thoughts ON POWHER Pre-workout For Women

Its crystal clear from the onset that Ultimate Life have really studied the subject and also taken into account the subtle differences between male and female bodies (not just the obvious ones either).

The resulting formula is one that is synergistically suitable for women who want to boost their energy and performance levels without running the risks of side effects and that hated ‘stimulant crash’ so commonly experienced by users of other pre-workouts.

The formula delivers a steady, slow release source of clean energy without over stimulating the body. It delivers extra oxygen and essential nutrients right to the source of the muscle cell.

This boosts energy levels, increasing the reps performed before failure, the amount of weight being lifted and helping you to burn more calories, boosting fat loss and increasing muscle toning.

powher bottle one months supply

POWHER also helps sustain correct hydration, reducing fatigue and speeding recovery.

Its final effect is that it reduces the effects of cortisol – the stress hormone released when the body is put under physical pressure, this helps make the entire exercising process a more enjoyable experience.

There is no doubting the pedigree of POWHER, its makers have really delivered on this product. Each individual ingredient works in complete synergy with the others to provide a powerful source of energy right when you need it.

Sure its not the cheapest pre-workot product out there, but when has cheap ever been the best? – You get what you pay for in life, and POWHER is certainly worth that little bit extra.

You Can Read More About POWHER and Place Your Secure Order From The Official Website

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