NLA For Her Shred Her Review

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

NLA For Her Shred Her Review

Energy: the key to shedding the fat

Mustering up the energy and drive to maintain a rigorous weight loss program can be a huge challenge, especially when you throw work deadlines, social 41npG2sXwjL._AC_UL320_SR240,320_commitments and everyday admin into the mix.

If you’re looking for a helping hand, there are plenty of female-friendly fat burning supplements out there. Finding the one that works for your lifestyle ad body, however, can be tricky.

Take Shred Her by NLA. This supplement works by providing long-lasting energy that empowers you to work harder and for longer, all while supporting a supercharged metabolism.

Boasting a groundbreaking, all-natural concentrated blend of powerful ingredients, Shred Her promises to boost energy, mood and metabolism to turn the body into a fat burning machine.

Sounds too good to be true? – Let’s investigate further.

Shed Her Formula

Everything you need to know is fully disclosed online. Here’s what this supplement contains:

  • Vitamin B6 (10mg)
  • Pantothenic acid (20mg)
  • Fat incinerating matrix (1,180g) – Green tea extract, taurine, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, ursolic acid, guarana extract

Here’s what some of these ingredients do…

Green tea extract: this is a potent antioxidant that helps support weight lossShredHerSupplementFacts1 and cell health by reducing damaging free radicals.

Raspberry ketones: these help the body burn fat by effectively breaking up fat cells. They also help regulate adiponectin, which supports the metabolism.

Caffeine: as you probably know, caffeine is known to boost energy and mood, and is also linked to increased thermogenesis, and as a result, fat burning.

Citrus aurantium extract: this is thought to increase the body’s resting metabolic rate, enabling you to burn more fat. This ingredient also helps generate heat and energy.

How to take Shred Her 

Take one pill as soon as you wake up, and a second pill 3-6 hours later. This will stimulate your metabolism and ensure your body remains in a fat burning state throughout the day.

User Feedback

Lots of women are really happy with this product, and have experienced great weight loss results when using Shed Her.

This supplement has helped many users shake the last stubborn fat they’re struggling to lose, and people claim that Shed Her gives them they energy they need to tackle intense cardio sessions. These testimonials also say that this energy burst lasts through the day for a great sense of overall wellbeing. People also say this supplements stacks well with others and is easy and convenient to take.

Quite a few users, however, are really disappointed with this product, having seen no results at all. A minority of people also mention side effects including stomach problems, racing heart, palpitations and jitters.

Where To Buy Shred Her

This supplement is widely stocked at a number of reputable outlets. You can buy Shred Her at old faithful Amazon or you can find it at,,,, and

It costs around £19.99 ($26.00) for a 60 capsule bottle.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

It’s bad news here we’re afraid – there’s no sign of a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Thoughts

This product is packed to the rafters with stimulants so beware… if you have ANY intolerance to caffeine then you should avoid this like the plague…. Users have suffered the shakes, jitters and problems sleeping.. whats more after the energy hit that this will provide, there is often a ‘crash’ that could leave you feeling lethargic and quite frankly – terrible..

Yes sure the extra short lived energy boost that this will provide could help you burn a few extra calories, so it might help you lose an extra pound or two.

To be honest though… its not for us……

There are better fat burners out there… one we suggest is Instant Knockout… a careful and well balanced mix of thermogenic fat burning compounds and a clinically proven appetite suppressant.. its proven to help help active women lose fat and help maintain their muscle tone.

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