Musclefood The Unthinkable Review

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)

Musclefood The Unthinkable Review

The UK’s Premier Fitness and Nutrition Program

Ladies – Are You Ready To Do The Unthinkable? 

Transform Your Body And Boost Your Fitness In 90 Days?

Introducing The Unthinkable By Musclefood

The Unthinkable is a unique, specially formulated nutrition and exercise program that has been developed by Musclefood, the UK’s premier supplier of protein rich ready meals, lean meats, fish, breads, pulses, and grains. Suitable for all, including vegetarians and vegans, their range caters for everybody regardless of their dietary requirements.

They have listened to comments and questions from loyal users and based on these requests have now taken things to a completely different level and have put together what is a completely unique nutrition and exercise program that promises to help you transform your body and boost your fitness levels in just 90 days.

How Does The Unthinkable Work

The Unthinkable is a unique, British all in one exercise and nutrition program. Musclefood will take complete control of your weekly diet, supplying you with 3 meals a day plus snacks too. 

Just choose from their extensive range of high protein, low fat ready meals and simply heat and enjoy with NO PREPARATION. 

If you prefer to prepare and cook your own meals, Musclefood will provide you with recipes, and all the low fat, protein rich ingredients to make the meals of your choice.

Remember – You Have complete control over your meal choices – all meals are delivered to your door fresh each week as required.

When we say Fresh, we mean FRESH – NOT FROZEN.

Now we have your weekly nutrition sorted, its time to look at the Unthinkable exercise program.

Your Own Personal Trainer 24/7

Musclefood have developed a special workout plan that will help you transform your body. Available to use 24/7 by streaming to your preferred device, or if you prefer, simply follow the workouts on the DVD provided. 

You do not have to commit to an expensive gym membership, in fact your only commitment is just under 3 hours per week, at a time and place to suit you. 

Aside from that, all you need is place to move, so you can follow your personal trainer Steve and his team as they guide you through the workouts.

Eating quality, nutritious meals alongside The Unthinkable exercise program will ensure that you make the progress that is required to make the body transformation you have always dreamed about.

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What Makes The Unthinkable Different?

  • Comprehensive list of high protein ready meals and other foods that are delivered to your home each week – always Fresh, NEVER Frozen
  • Revolutionary combined nutrition and exercise program that has been used and recommended by Doctors and some of Team GB’s best know athletes
  • 24/7 unwavering support and guidance from muscle foods team of nutritionists and Steve their lead personal trainer
  • Buzzing social network involving Facebook.
  • Loads of guides, wallcharts, recipes and FREE advice

Team GB Athletes Love It

A number of our most successful Team GB Athletes use and endorse the program, gymnasts Daniel Keating And Giarniii Regini-Moran, and Olympic swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn are three such fans of this program. from the GB Paralympic team, swimmer Jessica Jane Applegate is another keen flower of The Unthinkable.

Follow The Unthinkable For 90 Days And Transform Your Body

How Much Does It Cost To Do The Unthinkable

The cost will depend on your level of commitment, if you decide to follow the program for 5 days a week and have the weekends off, you will pay around £60 per week. To follow the plan for 6 days and have just 1 cheat day (our favourite), it will cost you about £70, if you are really committed and want to follow the plan for 7 days a week, then it will be around £80 per week.

REMEMBER – This weekly price is for your complete set of meals each day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus healthy protein rich snacks too – basically you should not have do any food shopping! 

Individual meal prices start at around £1.90, much cheaper that Sainsburies and Tescos.

It also includes full 24/7 access the interactive exercise program, meal plans, nutritional calendars, exercise plans and charts, plus the DVD. – This is valued at £300.

Not forgetting the backing and constant support of Steve and his team at Muscle Food.

Another point to remember is that most personal trainers charge around £25 per hour for private sessions, with The Unthinkable you have one available 24 hours per day!

After The 90 Days

To honour your commitment and success in completing the Unthinkable, muscle food will send you £50 worth of muscle food vouchers so you can continue eating the quality, fresh high protein food that have contributed to your new body. You will also receive a commemorative Tee shirt.

How To Sign Up And Do The Thinkable

Ok so you are ready to change your body, fitness and lifestyle, all you need to do is go to the official Musclefood do the unthinkable website (click the link below), answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions and then choose your first weeks meals. Within a few days, you order will be with you and you are on your way to complete body transformation.

Are You Ready?

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